An executive branch employee, spouse or dependent child may not knowingly accept gifts or gratuities totaling a value greater than $25 in a single calendar year, from any person or business that does business with, is regulated by, is seeking grants from, is involved in litigation against, or is lobbying or attempting to influence the actions of the state agency for which the employee works or from any group or association which has as its primary purpose the representation of such persons or businesses. Acceptance of such gifts may appear to be a conflict of interest and may damage public confidence.


As exceptions to the above prohibitions, acceptance of the following gifts is permissible:

  • A campaign contribution to an employee’s own campaign if in compliance with the campaign finance laws;
  • A gift from a family member;
  • Door prizes, available to the public;
  • A ticket for admission to a sporting event if the ticket or admission is paid for by the employee at face value.
  • A gift or gratuity received by an employee working directly on an economic incentive package or seeking to bring tourism to the state which was not solicited by the employee and was accepted in performance of the employee’s official duty. Such gifts must be registered with the Commission and, if of a tangible value of more than $25, must be turned over to the appropriate agency.
  • The Commission may authorize other exceptions where an appearance of impropriety will not be created.

All gifts, including those listed above, received by an elected official or officer as defined in KRS 11A.010(7) which total $200 or more annually from a single source must be disclosed on the employee’s Statement of Financial Disclosure filed annually with the Commission.​