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Kathryn H. Gabhart, 
Executive Director
Executive Branch Ethics Commission
1025 Capital Center Drive, Suite 104
Frankfort KY 40601

(502) 564-7954


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 1025 Capital Center Dr.
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Tim Feld Named Outstanding Ethics Officer for 2020

2020 Outstanding Ethics Officer - Tim Feld Press Release 9.29.2020.pdf

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Due to the ongoing State of Emergency for the novel coronavirus, the physical offices of the Executive Branch Ethics Commission are closed to visitors.  Until further notice, please conduct your business with the Commission electronically or by  phone, email, or fax.  Thank you for your continued cooperation.​​

 Executive Branch Ethics Commission 
Capital Complex East
1025 Capital Center Drive, Suite 104
 Frankfort, Kentucky
502-564-7954   Fax Number: 502-695-5939 

SFD or Lobbyist Fax Number: 502-696-5091
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The Executive Branch Ethics Commission's enabling statute is embodied in Kentucky Revised Statute Chapter 11A.​ The laws setting out the Code of Ethics are contained in Kentucky Revised Statute Chapter 11A and Title 9 Kentucky Administrative Regulations​, as well as Executive Order 2008-454, its amendment, Executive Order 2009-882, and Executive Order 2020-423.pdf.


The Executive Branch Code of Ethics created by Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) Chapter 11A, effective July 14, 1992, establishes the ethical standards that govern the conduct of all executive branch employees. The code of ethics was enacted to promote public confidence in the government of the Commonwealth and its employees. The Executive Branch Ethics Commission, authorized by KRS 11A.060, is an independent agency of the Commonwealth which has been given the responsibility of administering and enforcing the provisions of the code of ethics.


We invite you to report suspected violations of the Executive Branch Code of Ethics by telephone at 1-800-664-7954 or emailing the Commission's Executive Director at:

  Function and Mission

The mission of the Executive Branch Ethics Commission is to promote the ethical conduct of elected officials, officers and other employees in the executive branch of state government. The Commission seeks to fulfill its mission through:

  • administering a program of training and education on the code of ethics;
  • providing guidance to state employees concerning their ethical conduct;
  • enforcing the provisions of the code of ethics;
  • interpreting the code of ethics through the issuance of advisory opinions;
  • registering executive agency lobbyists; and
  • recommending legislation to the General Assembly.

The office of the Commission reviews and houses records for public inspection including:

  • statements of financial disclosure required of elected officials, candidates and certain state employees;
  • executive agency lobbyists registration statements;
  • gift disclosure statements; and
  • the day to day public record of the Commission.

The Commission’s staff provides state employees, executive agency lobbyists and the public with information, guidance and training aimed at promoting ethical conduct of executive branch employees. ​​​