How To Register

Each executive agency lobbyist ("EAL") must file an Initial Registration Statement that will, simultaneously, register the lobbyist, the employer, and the real party in interest. An executive agency lobbyist engaged by more than one employer or real party in interest must file a separate Initial Registration Statement for each engagement, i.e., for each employer. Employers must ensure that each individual executive agency lobbyist engaged to represent the employer files an Initial Registration Statement. The Initial Registration Statement  and Instructions ​ are available for electronic completion.

When Should You Register?

Each executive agency lobbyist, employer, and, if applicable, real party in interest, is required to file, jointly, an Initial Registration Statement within ten (10) days of the engagement of the executive agency lobbyist. Pursuant to KRS 11A.211, executive agency lobbyists and employers who fail to register, or who file an incomplete registration, will be afforded the opportunity for correction; however, failure to comply with such opportunity may result in the Commission's initiation of an investigation, and notification to each elected official and the Secretary of each Cabinet listed in KRS 12.250 of the pending investigation. 

Where Do You Register?

The Initial Registration Statement must be filed with the Executive Branch Ethics Commission, Capital Complex East, 1025 Capital Center Drive, Suite 104, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601. The Initial Registration Statement may be completed electronically but must be printed, signed by both the executive agency lobbyist and the employer contact then submitted via regular mail, delivery service, scanned/emailed or through an online system established by the Commission.

How Long is the Registration Valid?

Following registration, the executive agency lobbyist will be issued a registration card by the Commission effective from the date of its issuance until July 31. Upon filing of the Updated Registration Statement due on July 31 each year, the executive agency lobbyist will be issued a new card. A change in any information must be reflected on the subsequent Updated Registration Statement filed. Until an executive agency lobbyist files a Termination Notification with the Commission, the lobbyist and his/her employer and real party interest are considered "active" and are required to file Updated Registration Statements and pay the registration fee on an annual basis.