Statements of Financial Disclosure

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, The 2019 SFD Form Deadline of April 15, 2020 Has Been Extended to June 15, 2020.

Statements o​f Financial Disclosure (SFD) are filed by “officers” as defined by KRS 11A.010(7) in accordance with requirements of KRS 11A.050 and 9 KAR 1:010E.  


The Statement of Financial Disclosure is now the EBEC-SFD-101 and has a new look.  During the 2019 legislative session, SB 6 was enacted to require changes to the form, including the removal of some questions and the inclusion of new questions.  Please review the  Questions by Question Instructions for assistance with answer the questions. 


FAQs on Statements of Financial Disclosure.pdf 


New Hires

       After June 27, 2019, newly hired, appointed, or detailed public servants serving in an officer position shall file an SFD within 30 days of their start date.   NOTE:  “Start date” means the first date of employment with a state agency in an officer position.   See 9 KAR 1:010E, Section 1.   New hires complete the questions with information that applies from the first day of employment with the state until the date of signing the form. 

Current Officers Filing Annually

         Officers file annually on or before April 15.  The form can be submitted any time between January 1 and April 15.  Officers will complete the questions with information that applies for the entire previous calendar year during which he or she served in an officer position. 

Candidates For Consitutional Office For Positions Listed  In KRS 11A.010(9)(a)-(g)

      All Candidates must file a Statement with the Executive Branch Ethics Commission no later than February 15 in the year they file to run.  Constitutional Officers who are running again as a candidate for that office or for another constitutional office will file their annual SFD on or before February 15, rather than April 15.  They will complete the questions with information that applies for the entire previous calendar year that falls the year prior to running for office.  These officers only need to submit one form for the year in which they are a candidate. (Candidates who do not timely file could be required to pay a penalty).

Leaving State Government Service:

          Complete the current year Form within 30 days of your separation date.                Complete Questions #9-18 for the current year from January 1 through                  date of departure.  (Former officers who do not timely file the Form could              be​  required to pay a penalty).

Statements of Financial Disclosure shall be available for public review.

How to File

Click HERE
to File Your SFD
By E-file:  Click the link above

By email:  send the completed, signed, and dated electronic Word form to:​

By fax:  502-695-5939

By mail:  Executive Branch Ethics Commission,Capital Complex East, 1025 Captial Center Drive, #104, Frankfort, KY 40601

If you need a hard copy of the form for completion, please contact the staff of the Executive Branch Ethics Commission 502-564-7954.

You must respond to each and every part of every question. If a question does not pertain to you, or if you do not have any information to provide in response to a question check the box "None". DO NOT LEAVE ANY ITEMS ON THE FORM BLANK, UNLESS TOLD TO SKIP A QUESTION.


Do NOT abbreviate words, even your agency name. You may attach extra sheets to the Statement if necessary.

You do not have to disclose specific dollar amounts or privileged information. If you do not respond to a question because you believe it to be privileged, you must affirmatively state that fact and indicate the privilege upon which you rely. 

Any officer or public servant who fails to file a required Statement shall be subject o salary withholding in accordance with the provisions of KRS11A.990(2).

If you have questions, contact:, Executive Director
Executive Branch Ethics Commission
Capital Complex East, 1025 Capital Center Drive, #104
Frankfort, Kentucky  40601

(502) 564-7954