How to Terminate Registration

An executive agency lobbyist is required to notify the office of the Executive Branch Ethics Commission ("the Commission") within 30 days after the termination of an engagement. Such notification is made using the Termination Notification.​ The form should be completed, signed and attached to the executive agency lobbyist's final Updated Registration Statement, Executive Agency Lobbyist  and submitted to the Commission.  Information on a final update should report activity, expenditures and financial transactions that occured from the beginning of the reporting period through the termination date.

If the engagement exists into the next reporting period, the executive agency lobbyist, employer, and the real party in interest must file an Updated Registration Statement for that period. 

When all lobbyists engaged by an employer or real party in interest terminate their registrations with the Commission, then the employer/ real party in interest has effectively terminated their registration with the Commission. The employer/real party in interest must also file a final Updated Registration Statement with the Commission and pay the $500 registration fee for the final reporting period. (KRS 11A.211)